Roof Cleaning Lake Charles LA


We all want desirable homes, and we, Veteran Exteriors, know that comes in two steps. 

The first step is the initial design and build. Shape, size, location, materials, and architectural layout all go into creating the home of your dreams. 

The second step of a desirable home lasts for the rest of your home’s life. It’s the essential yet underrated step of regular maintenance. If you’re not actively maintaining your home, it’s very slowly falling apart. Many maintenance projects have telltale signs. An overgrown hedge or broken light are easy to detect. The real problem areas are the ones that are invisible. Areas like your roof. Over time, your roof will develop imperfections you don’t notice. Color and vibrancy will fade. In humid areas, like Louisiana, algae will latch onto your roof as will mold. While roof maintenance is important, it’s one of the more difficult things for a homeowner to take care. Roof cleaning gets pushed to the side and before you know it your roof is covered in black streaks. The thought of replacing your roof is not something any homeowner wants to think about. 

Fortunately, we can help! We can wash your roof back to its new condition and save it from deteriorating any further.


– If Pressure Is Too Low, Nothing Gets Clean
– If Pressure Is Too High, You Cause Damage
– A Damaged Roof Is A DANGEROUS Roof
– Finding A Safe Detergent.
– Dangers Of Ladders & Slick Wet Roofs
– Buying Expensive Equipment
– Voided Warranties Of Rooftop Items
– Leaving Streaks Behind On Your Roof
– Frustration And Failure
– Possibility Of Falling Of The Roof



Our roof cleaning service can save you thousands of dollars if not tens of thousands of dollars. Homeowners that have had to replace their roof shingles or tiles know just how expensive and daunting of a task it is to hire out a company and complete their roof replacement. We want to help as many SWLA residents as possible avoid this headache. In most cases, we can clean and restore your roof back to new condition and completely avoid having to replace your roofing. If your roof is left unaddressed, it will deteriorate faster and your home will begin to have issues with leaks and other problems with your roof tiles or shingles. 


No roof cleaning company should ever use high-pressure washing. Full-out pressure washing is ideal for some occasions, but a roof is designed to protect against natural rainfall, not a high-powered hose. Sadly, many companies do not have the knowledge or equipment to provide safe and effective soft washing. Here at VETERAN EXTERIORS, we never apply high-pressure washing on your roof. We use a mix of environmentally safe, highly effective detergents and a “soft wash.” It’s effective enough to clean, yet gentle enough to maintain roof integrity.


Northern states don’t get the heat, and western states don’t get the humidity. However, a state like Louisiana gets a unique blend of the two that results in some aggressive mold that needs scheduled maintenance. The spores can lead to serious allergy problems for pregnant women, young children, and the elderly. Our roof cleaning not only gets rid of the issues but we guarantee the clean to last for two years!


One way to update the look of your house is with new shingles, tiles, or siding. Sure, it works, but it’s expensive. The more affordable option is simply cleaning the building you already have. Thus, we can bring the appearance of your property back to its original glory at only a fraction of the price!


Some homeowners may take on the goal to wash their own roof, and we commend you for your valiant effort. However, it’s much harder than it looks. After purchasing equipment, supplies and doing all of the necessary research to properly clean your specific roofing material, you will most likely still end up with poor results. In the end, the blood sweat and tears, just aren’t worth it. Have peace of mind knowing that we can save you from the pain, headaches, and costs associated with cleaning your own roof. Not only that we also provide assurance with our 2-year roof cleaning guarantee. We’ll tell you more about that in the next section.


When you hiring us for roof cleaning we will provide you with the best service in the industry. On top of that, we also want to give you peace of mind after the roof cleaning is complete. Every whole roof cleaning comes with a two-year guarantee against the return of mold on your roof. If mold returns before the two-year guarantee is up, we will return to your home and spot-treat the affected areas. 

How Do We Clean Your Roof?

Consistent with methods recommended by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association), we use a special mixture of commercial-grade products to gently clean the roof. The primary ingredient is Sodium Hypochlorite. We apply the mix safely with a low-pressure system. The pressure is lower than the water pressure in the majority of households. This actually kills the bacteria, rather than simply scrubbing or forcing it off. Veteran Exteriors provides the safest and most effective roof cleaning service available on the market. To get an instant quote for your roof cleaning click here.

Please Note

Extenuating circumstances may increase the standard rates listed above if they create added labor or risk. Such factors can include delicate  surfaces or extreme dirt, accessibility issues (steep terrain, pets, etc.).

Veteran Exteriors is fully insured for all services we offer!