Gutter Cleaning Lake Charles LA

Protect Your Home With Clean Gutters

Many homeowners don’t realize how important the function of their gutters are, or have any idea the condition that their gutters are in, that is, until it’s too late. When it comes to our other services  such as pressure washing, house washing, and roof cleaning, our customers know that they need our help, because they can see the dirt and grime that is plaguing their property. But when it comes to gutter cleaning many homeowners don’t know the condition that their gutters are in and therefore don’t think about their gutters, until they start to see them overflowing or even worse, see the damages that clogged gutters can cause. If you know that you have clogged gutters, we would love to help you take care of these issues and not have to put your health at risk, by getting up on a ladder or getting up on your roof. Our team is professionally trained to safely access your gutters, remove all debris, and also clear out your downspouts ensuring that your gutter system will work flawlessly. 


The Dangers Of Dirty Gutters

– Clogged Gutters Inhibit proper rain flow
– Dirty Gutters Cause back flow & damage
– Heavy gutters can detach from the house
– Clogged gutters can cause roof leaks
– Cleaning gutters can be dangerous
– Being on a roof or ladder is Dangerous
– Replacing your gutter system is costly

How Our Gutter Cleaning Benefits You


Clogged  gutters cause rainwater and dirt to backflow onto your roofing resulting in damage and possible leaking in your roof. Clogged gutters become heavy and can begin to detach away from your roof causing damage.  Overflowing gutters can also cause pools of water to flood around your home inflicting damage to the foundation of your house.


A routine gutter cleaning service will provide you peace of mind and can actually save you money. When gutter cleaning is neglected, many issues arise like we already discussed but these issues can be very costly. Replacing your gutter system or repairing it is not cheap and even worse if damage is inflicted to your roofing, those repairs can become  astronomical. A proper gutter cleaning service will eliminate all of these threats and routine service will ensure that they do not arise in the future.


We also provide exterior gutter brightening. We do this by soft washing or scrubbing the exterior of your gutters. This will remove the black streaks that you may see on the face of your gutters and make them look new again.


We promise to provide to you a thorough and complete gutter cleaning  service. We promise to not only clear out the channels of your gutters but ensure that the whole gutter system is fully operational by flushing your gutter downspouts and testing that they are flowing properly. If we are unable to completely clear out every aspect of your gutter system, we will not charge you a dime.

Active Duty, Veterans, & First Responders get 15% off all services

Please Note

Extenuating circumstances may increase the standard rates listed above if they create added labor or risk. Such factors can include delicate  surfaces or extreme dirt, accessibility issues (steep terrain, pets, etc.).


Veteran Exteriors is fully insured for all services we offer!