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Our pressure washing services are reserved for the toughest surfaces.

Pressure Washing in Lafayette, LouisianaWhen it comes to exterior cleaning jobs, many homeowners and business owners can take their efforts too far, utilizing the wrong techniques or tools for the problem at hand. For instance, some people may rent a pressure washer to clean their vinyl siding, resulting in dents and damage to the outside of their homes. In other cases, people might scrub stubborn stains with harsh chemicals that don’t come close to removing the blemish. If you’re facing a tough outdoor cleaning project and don’t know how to approach it, count on our team at Veteran Exteriors.

Our highly skilled cleaning technicians provide soft washing and pressure washing services for those in  Lafayette, Louisiana and beyond. Although we prefer to use soft washing techniques on the majority of our jobs, our specialists are trained to evaluate each unique situation to find the most effective approach. For highly resilient and durable surfaces, pressure washing may be needed to fully remove deep-set stains.

If you contact us for pressure washing services, we’ll visit your home or business at a time that works best for you to carefully inspect the surfaces you want us to clean. We’ll evaluate the surface itself, the amount of debris present, and the type of contaminants covering your exterior before giving you our professional recommendations. In some cases, you might think you need pressure washing service when our eco-friendly soft washing solutions would be more effective.

When you’re looking for cleaning services you can depend on, reach out to our team for more information or to get a free quote today.

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