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Trust our team for high-quality exterior house cleaning services.

Every Lafayette, Louisiana homeowner wants to have a home they can take pride in. When someone visits your home, you likely want to make a positive first impression through your impeccable landscaping, beautiful garden, or other exterior features. However, dirt, mold, and other contaminants can distract from the positive attributes of your house and make it look old and worn out. If you’re tired of looking at grimy siding or a stained patio, you can turn to us for exterior house cleaning services.

Exterior House Cleaning in Lafayette, Louisiana

Here at Veteran Exteriors, our highly skilled cleaning technicians offer exterior house cleaning options to suit every need and budget. With our soft washing techniques, we can clean and sanitize most outdoor surfaces, ranging from wood decks to concrete driveways to windows. Furthermore, soft washing is an eco-friendly solution that removes contaminants like dirt and algae at the source, leaving your outdoor surfaces clean and sanitized.

If you choose to contact us for exterior house cleaning services, you can rest easy knowing that every member of our team has passed a thorough background check and has gone through extensive training. As the only SoftWash Systems Five Star Company in the state, we hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to our work, our values, and our customer service. After a team member has inspected your home, they’ll select the best cleaning solution to restore the surface to its former glory, leaving you with a clean and refreshed exterior that you can be proud of.

For high-quality exterior house cleaning services, look no further than our veteran-owned and -operated business! Just give us a call today to schedule your appointment.

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