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You can rely on our team to thoroughly clean your office’s exterior.

Running a business comes with a lot of responsibilities that take up a significant amount of your time. You may find yourself so busy that you neglect some building maintenance tasks, like exterior office washing. However, if you want to make the right impression and portray a professional appearance to your clients and visitors, keeping your building’s exterior clean is essential.

Exterior Office Washing in Lafayette, Louisiana

Although there is more than one company in the Lafayette, Louisiana area that offers exterior office washing, we are confident to say that our services stand head and shoulders above the competition. Here at Veteran Exteriors, we are the first and only SoftWash Systems Five Star Company in Louisiana, offering highly effective exterior office washing services to business owners throughout the region.

Our cleaning technicians use soft washing methods as gentler and more effective alternative to pressure washing. Instead of subjecting your office’s exterior to strong jets of highly pressurized water, soft washing uses biodegradable cleaning solutions to eliminate dirt, mold, bacteria, and other contaminants at the source. Next, the cleaning solution is gently washed away with gentle streams of water, leaving the surface spotless and sanitized.

Exterior office washing has other benefits beyond providing a clean appearance. For instance, because it eliminates mold and mildew that may be growing on your office’s exterior, soft washing may improve your office’s indoor air quality. If any of your employees suffer from allergies or other respiratory conditions, this can help them remain comfortable and prevent symptoms from flaring up.

If you are interested in our exterior office washing services, please contact us today to request a quote.