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Roof cleaning can increase your roof’s longevity and your curb appeal.

Soft washing is a technique used for roof cleaning that uses low-pressure water and specialized cleaning products. Soft washing can be an excellent way to eliminate algae that grow on roofs, thanks to the Lake Charles, Louisiana humidity, such as Gloeocapsa Magma. If you have these black streaks on your roof, contact our team at Veteran Exteriors today to see how soft washing can revive your roof.

Roof Cleaning in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Soft washing not only removes algae that are already on your roof, but it also helps stop algae from growing again. During the process, algaecides are often used for roof cleaning. These chemicals stop algae and other organic matter from growing, keeping your roof looking good longer.

In addition, algae, moss, and other biological growth can weaken the roof’s structure, causing it to wear down over time. Without proper roof cleaning, your roof might develop leaks or even damage the house’s structure. A clean roof is also more aesthetically pleasing. This is critical if you plan to sell your home soon, but even if you don’t, a clean roof is a sign of pride for your property.

Another reason to focus on roof cleaning through soft washing is that the soft washing technique is much gentler on the roof surface, reducing the risk of causing damage to your roof.

Roof cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your Lake Charles home. And since the roof is the structure that protects not only your home but also your family, it’s critical to ensure it is cleaned safely and effectively. Contact our team today to inquire about roof cleaning. We look forward to talking with you.