Well, I did a thing…. I decided to start blogging. It won’t be very frequent and certainly won’t be a scheduled weekly or monthly thing. I just want another platform to share some thoughts and helpful tips, tricks, and information pertaining to the services we offer here at Veteran Exteriors. This blog will also be a place to share my adventure as I start and grow my business. Over time, I will share my failures and successes, fears and triumphs. I hope that the content this blog provides will be helpful, entertaining, and encouraging. These blogs will be shared on our Facebook page (@veteranexteriorsLA) and on our website (www.veteranexteriors.net) or more specifically (www.veteranexteriors.net/blog). You can also subscribe through our website to receive an email anytime I post a blog. Please consider doing that so you can get updates about our company and services, awesome tips and tricks for you DIYers, important information relevant to exterior cleaning, discussions about starting/running a business, and maybe (read as DEFINITELY) get some discount offers that only blog readers and subscribers will know about! I would also love to have guest bloggers on occasion. If you or anyone you know is interested in writing a blog related to the following topics please reach out to me: starting a business business management business finances/accounting leadership scaling/growing a business networking pressure/soft washing techniques pressure/soft washing equipment gutter cleaning Well, I guess that’s about it for the introduction to my blog. Tune in next time to hear a bit about how this business was formed, the process so far, and our future goals. Thanks for reading, Tyler Schexnayder

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