Exterior Commercial Building Cleaning


Building and Storefront Cleaning

Veteran Exteriors offers one-time building or storefront cleaning or maintenance contracts to suit your needs. This service uses soft wash techniques that will not damage siding, doors, or windows and will provide a long lasting clean. We service all of Southwest Louisiana including Lake Charles, Lafayette, and Jennings. This pressure washing service can include the following and is built to your needs:

  • Removing mildew, dirt, or grime from your building siding
  • Removing bugs or spider webs
  • Cleaning walkways
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning any trash cans, vending machines, benches, or other similar items
  • Cleaning signs 


Outstanding Exterior Commercial Building Cleaning Services

Any business owner understands the importance of maintaining a clean and beautiful storefront. After all, an unkempt storefront could send potential customers the message that that business offers careless, shoddy work. A bad way to generate business and a good way to go bankrupt, for sure.

To maintain a clean, enticing business that generates plenty of customers, call Veteran Exteriors, the top power washing company for an exterior commercial cleaning. An exterior cleaning will get your commercial building looking like brand new in little time at all! 


You will likely spend the majority of your time at work, and if you're a business owner, this fact is doubly true. This means that if harmful growths are teeming on your workplace's exterior, you'll spend a significant chunk of time in a position of compromised health. 

Luckily, a pressure washing can remove harmful growths from your commercial building's exterior. So, a pressure washing can help to make your business not only attract more customers but also keep you healthy and safe!


Landlords have the never-ending responsibility of keeping their rental properties in clean, quality condition. But any landlord can make an easy job of that responsibility by calling Veteran Exteriors for a commercial pressure washing. 

With our pressure-washing service, we'll get your apartments and other rental properties looking clean and beautiful, helping you to attract plenty of interested renters while also commanding the best  price for your properties! 


If you want a top-notch commercial pressure washing, call Veteran Exteriors. With our experience and dedication to quality work, we can provide you with the most thorough pressure washing for your commercial buildings!

Please Note

 Extenuating circumstances may increase the standard rates listed above if they create added labor or risk. Such factors can include delicate surfaces or extreme dirt, accessibility issues (steep terrain, pets, etc.).

Veteran Exteriors is fully insured for all services we offer!