A Closer Look at Our 5-Step Exterior House Washing Process

A Closer Look at Our 5-Step Exterior House Washing Process At Veterans Exteriors, our goal is to consistently provide phenomenal exterior house washing services to our clients that get amazing results. To accomplish this, we follow a signature five-step exterior house washing process.

Here’s a closer look at the steps we follow when we clean home exteriors:

  1. Prepare — Our priority is to protect your home and property. When we arrive, we’ll start by identifying and protecting any items or delicate surfaces that require our attention, including plants. We’ll move all patio furniture and decorations and tape and protect all electrical components, such as outlets and outdoor televisions.
  2. Hydrate — We’ll hydrate all the plants in the area where we’re going to be cleaning. Not only do we rinse before the cleaning process, but we also rinse during the service and after we finish. This dilution keeps the pH level of your plants at a neutral level.
  3. Service — After we prepare your property and hydrate your plants, we’ll begin the actual cleaning. We will work from the top of your surfaces to the bottom and then left to right, carefully sanitizing every contaminated surface.
  4. Clean Up — After we’re done, we’ll roll up our hoses, collect our equipment, and put any trash back in our vehicles. We’ll leave your property better than we originally found it. We’ll also complete several “finishing touches,” which may include hand wiping light fixtures, outdoor kitchens, etc.
  5. Rejuvenate — Once we’re done cleaning, we’ll hydrate your plants even more to make sure the cleaning solution we used has been thoroughly diluted into your landscaping. We’ll also spray your plants with our proprietary plant care solution. This solution adds fertilizer to your soil and neutralizes the cleaning solution we used.

If you’re not completely happy with the results of our five-step exterior house washing service, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. For more information about our services and to set up your next cleaning appointment, contact us today.

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