Commercial Window Cleaning

Professional Window Cleaning

Having dirty and spotty windows on your business says a lot to your customers about the kind of business you run, it puts off a sloppy and uninviting feel. When your business’ windows are sparkling clean then your business automatically becomes more inviting and professional. Here at Veteran Exteriors we offer regularly scheduled commercial window cleanings to increase the lifespan and integrity of your windows while always keeping them as clean as possible. Our goal with every job that we do is to provide the highest quality commercial window cleaning with efficiency and a highly competitive price. We want your business to sparkle every time someone walks by.

Veteran Exteriors Commercial Window Cleaning Services:

➤ Restaurants
➤ Store fronts
➤ Car dealers
➤ Gas stations
➤ Banks
➤ Clinics
➤ Churches
➤ Office buildings

Veteran Exteriors Commercial Window Cleaning Offers The Following Scheduled Cleaning:

➤ Weekly
➤ Bi-weekly
➤ Monthly
➤ Quarterly
➤ Semi-annually
➤ Yearly

Veteran Exteriors Commercial Window Cleaning Promises To:

➤ Provide exceptional quality and service
➤ Show up as scheduled
➤ Be in uniform
➤ Be professional & courteous
➤ Make safety a priority
➤ Guarantee satisfaction

Residential Window Cleaning

At this time, Veteran Exteriors does not offer residential window cleaning. we may add this service in the future, however, so check back in later to see if we can help you out!

Please Note

 Extenuating circumstances may increase the standard rates listed above if they create added labor or risk. Such factors can include delicate surfaces or extreme dirt, accessibility issues (steep terrain, pets, etc.).


Veteran Exteriors is fully insured for all services we offer!